Peter Hall

Peter Hall
Program Host
After growing out of the idea of being a cowboy or a fireman, I thought being a musician might be my calling.

Musicians were always held in very high regard in our family. Whatever instrument I saw, I always wanted to try and eventually played in some ensemble or other (in chronological order) soprano recorder, alto recorder, piano, bells, bass clarinet, clarinet, alto saxophone, oboe, guitar, double bass and dulcimer.

I love my work at Classical 94.5 WNED because it completes so many interests I've had all my life. I entertained all sorts of vocational fantasies during high school, and wanted to be, at various times, either the lounge pianist in the Winston cigarette TV commercial or the clarinet player in the "Tonight Show" orchestra with Doc Severinsen. I also remember daydreams about being the next Milton Cross (then the host of the "Saturday afternoon Metropolitan Opera" broadcasts).

Well, I did study piano, but it was classical, not jazz, and while I got pretty good at the clarinet in high school, the closest I've come to Doc Severinsen has been when he's visited Classical 94.5 WNED during fundraising. As far as being the next Milton Cross, I must say that I'm very happy just to be in the Met audience, whether on the radio, at an HD broadcast, or (once in a while) at Lincoln Center.

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