Remembering Western New York

Buffalo is home to many historical treasures, including architectural gems, beloved community establishments, and homes for local sports teams. Remembering Western New York is a WNED-TV original production that explores eight iconic structures and examines their connection to the people who live in the region.

Remembering Western New York is a celebration of these places told through the memories of those who remember and love the unique treasures of the region. “We have a tremendous sense of community in Buffalo that you don’t get in other places,” says Tom Girot, known as Conehead, the long-time beer vendor at many past and present Buffalo sports venues. Stories in the program include Memorial Auditorium, Sattler’s Department Store, War Memorial Stadium, the Central Terminal, the Colored Musicians Club, holiday shopping on Main Street, The William Simon Brewery, and the Herschell Carrousel Factory.

Two stories examine the powerful connection that Western New Yorkers have with their sports teams. “The Bills and the Sabres are very, very important to the collective psyche of the region,” says long-time resident and sports fan Mark Scott. Remembering Western New York recalls the glory days of The Aud and The Rockpile. Former players and fans recall memories of playing and watching games at these two now departed venues. The venues, says former Bills player Ed Rutkowski, reflected Western New York. “We’re hardworking people. We’re a shot-and-a-beer team,” Rutkowski says. “We weren’t fancy and that represented, I think, the spirit of Buffalo.”

The program is a nostalgic look at the region’s past and the things that made it great. “There is just a fondness for the good old days,” says Dan Starr, former Canisius College Athletic Director. “Buffalo people like nostalgia.”

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