Find quality resources that accompany our local and national broadcast television programs. From The War of 1812 to Reading Rainbow, you can view video and access lesson plans and resources on ths page.

Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing America

Frederick Law Olmsted's contributions to communities across the United States are well documented in the parks and landscapes that we play in or have visited during our lives. However, his interests and skills go beyond that. Olmsted was an advocate for green space, a journalist, a committed anti-slavery reformer and a believer in urban health. Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing America highlights his varied experiences and contributions.

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If Our Water Could Talk

These educator resources are designed to be used with the program If Our Water Could Talk. They are recommended for teachers in elementary, middle and high schools. Included are activities designed to enhance the understanding of Buffalo Niagara waterways, as well as broader, relatable themes to be used in your classroom.

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Tragedy and Hope: Stories of Painkiller Addiction

Find valuable educator resources based on the WNED production Tragedy and Hope: Stories of Painkiller Addiction. An essential component of combating this recent epidemic is awareness and education.

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PBS KIDS Writers Contest

The PBS KIDS Writers Contest is designed to promote the advancement of children’s reading skills through hands-on, active learning. It encourages children in grades K-3 in communities across the country to celebrate the power of creating stories and illustrations by submitting their own original work.

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The Shaw Festival: Behind the Curtain

A major goal of The Shaw Festival: Behind the Curtain is to introduce audiences to this unique approach to theatre at one of North America's longest-running, most distinctive and exciting theatre companies, first through the documentary and then through a collection of "beyond broadcast" elements and classroom activities for educators.

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The War of 1812

Through the lessons presented here teachers and students can examine not only the causes, battles and results of the War, but also delve into the very “human stories of the war, including those of ordinary citizens and eminent historical characters.” 

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Underground Railroad: The William Still Story

These resources are to be used with Underground Railroad: The William Still Story explore hidden message in songs and hymns of the time, uses of records and writings, public and private, as well as a deeper meaning of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. We also provide educators with some ideas to have students re-create an Underground Railroad trail of their own and come to realize that travel in the mid-1800’s was at best not a clear pathway to freedom for those enslaved.

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Elbert Hubbard: An American Original

The wealth of themes explored in Elbert Hubbard: An American Original offer an extraordinary educational opportunity for your classroom in multiple subject areas. The lessons developed around the film focus on the history of America at the turn of the 20th century, Hubbard’s rebellious life, and the Roycroft artisans and campus. Activities examine the rise of the Industrial Revolution, the wavering Victorian ideals and the Reformers, particularly with the Art and Crafts movement.



Your Life Your Money

Find resources, activities and lesson plans to help young adults overcome financial challenges and learn money basics. Our Facilitator's Guide provides meaningful activities and the Young Money Magazine: Special Edition Guide for Your Life, Your Money features stories and helpful tips written for young adults. Whether you're a teacher, facilitator, or parent, you will find useful ways to get someone's financial life on track.

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Frank Lloyd Wright's Buffalo

Join us, with your students, as we look at a story of family, friendship and the meaning of home in American life - in Frank Lloyd Wright's Buffalo.  Answer the question for yourself and your students, “How did the friendship between Frank Lloyd Wright and his wealthy Buffalo client, Darwin D. Martin, affect the structural aesthetic of a major American city and make a significant impact on architectural history?

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Demystifying Dyslexia

Demystifying Dyslexia is hosted by Olympic champion Bruce Jenner. By focusing on personal stories, educational best practices, and the latest scientific research, the program illuminates important issues surrounding dyslexia.

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 Reading Rainbow

WNED co-produced the acclaimed Reading Rainbow series, which aired on most PBS stations for 26 years (1983-2009). This upbeat and innovative series, hosted by LeVar Burton, encouraged children to read and develop a love of reading and books. The series was honored with myriad awards, including 26 Emmys. It remains a popular resource in classrooms nationwide. Find full Reading Rainbow programs, segments, lesson plans, teacher guides, and family activities.

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